Most Favorable Countries for Zodiacal Signs on the Planet

Every country has its own vibes, problems, character and fortune. Have you ever noticed that in one country you feel comfortable while in the other one you realize that it is not your place. Every country is influenced by zodiacal signs and certain planetary combination. Twelve signs mean twelve attitudes towards life. Every person will fit for her or his own surroundings and country. The general horoscopal approach will help you to find out your desirable country.

In ancient time Aries sign patronized incursive and single-minded people of Sparta. Germany became a modern embodiment of Sparta. This does not mean that all Aries person shall pack for Germany. They will feel comfortable also in America, Spain, Turkey, Cuba, Africa.


Taurus signs shall choose something with rich nature because this sign prefers warmth and coziness. Moldavia, Bulgaria and Ukraine will fit.


Gemini sign patronize Greece. Gemini person is friendly, optimistic and helpful. These people think highly of family traditions, they pay attention to rights and freedoms. That is why they shall consider Greece, Italy, Belgium, the USA, UAE, Korea.


Cancer is a sign of humanity and traditions. India represents such qualities with its mixture of cultures. Also, Holland, Paraguay, Denmark, Uzbekistan and Scotland will be comfortable countries for cancers.


Endless color, outstanding beauty and brightness are typical for Lions. Spain will be appropriate for this sign as well as France with its high fashion and cosmic catwalks. Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Iran, Italy and Brazil are also under the influence of Lion.


Virgo is a family, consistent, prudent and accurate sign. They are intellectuals and like nature. Japan and Switzerland will be good for them. They are also advised to visit the Baltic states, Germany, Vietnam and the Canaries.


Sophistication, elegance and stile are all about Libra. They will prefer the country of real ladies and gentlemen – England. Besides, France, China, Austria, Syria are patronizing countries of Libra person.


Of course, Scorpio would prefer “biting” countries. As a rule these countries are of Islamic origin where spirituality and own ideals prevail. Afghanistan and Iran are the best options. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Algeria, Cambodia and Tunisia will be preferred either.


Idealistic Sagittarius would like Spain. Width of spirit, infinity, conquest and pursuance of luxury describe both Sagittarius and Spain. Sagittarius countries also include Cyprus, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Georgia and China.


Conservative Capricorns would like to visit a conservative country – Germany, however not the whole country: except for Bavaria and the former GDR. Korea and Mongolia are also filled with conventionality. They would feel homish in Scandinavia, Tibet, Israel and Ireland as well.


Aquarius sign combines light carelessness and sense of beauty. They are always looking for freedom and something new. That is why their countries are Japan, Finland, Canada, Chile, Russia and Peru.


There are a lot of countries for Pisces. The most appropriate are Egypt, Portugal and Iceland since these countries have their own rhythm. Considering that most Pisces have imaginative nature and love of unexplored things they would like to stay in French Normandy, Indonesia, Roumania, Hawaii and Nepal.


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