10 Most Unusual National Frontiers on the Planet

Today it is customary to peel from our neighbors with the help of fences, hedges and other barriers. Every country also has its own territory which shall be properly separated. Sometimes the border between two countries can be natural, i.e. mountains, islands, rivers. Sometimes citizens use fences, plants and other constructions.

The Netherlands and its neighbor Belgium have rather complicated border line which is hardly guarded. It lies between two municipalities: On one side there is Baarle-Nassuau (the Netherlands) while on the other side there is Baarle-Hertog (Belgium). The border passes houses, cafes, other buildings. So two companions resting over a beer can be situated in different countries.


Nepal and China chose the highest state line ever. It lies in the middle of Mount Everest including its top. It is not likely that there exists a smuggler willing to get over such a mountainous barrier.


At the same time Derby line stands in two countries. The line between the USA and Canada passes along the city and crosses the buildings. For instance, the family bakes cookies in one country and eats them in the other one.


Bangladesh is separated from India with the help of a border line which is not very straight. The small parts of India are encircled by the territory of Bangladesh which in turn is circled by Indian lands. This looks like a huge doughnut.


Tyumen river is a natural line separating Russia and North Korea. In addition there is also a Chinese frontier. It means that you can set off in North Korea, then after passing about a kilometer you would get into China and then after short walk you would find yourself in Russia. However, this idea is not smart enough since you would probably be detained in North Korea.


Spanish Ceuta is a small independent city. It borders on Morocco. Earlier this country claimed its rights for the city. For that reason Spain surrounded Ceuta with a 3m-high wall equipped with barbed wire.


Bir Tawil is the area bordering Egypt and Sudan. The countries have been debating over this territory for a long time. These debates are caused by the fact that the area is rich in natural resources. To avoid the conflict the countries abandoned their right for it and now the territory does not belong to anyone.

Bir Tawil jpg

The frontier between South Korea and North Korea is called De-militarized zone. There are almost 2mln soldiers along it. Since the war has not been officially finished nobody is allowed to cross the border line, even the presidents of the countries. Meeting hall was constructed right on the border to carry out negotiations. One half of the building is located in North Korea and another half is in South Korea.


Diomede Islands lie in Bering strait. The border passes between those islands. Little Diomede is inhabited by 146 people, it is owned by the USA. The other island, Big Diomede, is peopleless and it belongs to Russia. There is nothing strange except for hour zones. The timing difference between these near-by islands is twenty three hours.


After construction of the wall between the USA and Mexico not all residents were satisfied. The wall was built rather far from the official frontier. In some places the wall crossed farms and houses. Now these farmers have to cross the border to get to work or to sit in the bar with the friends.


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