10 Most Expensive Restaurants on the Planet

While some of us are rather happy to feast on a hotdog others dip hand into purse to enjoy gastronomic specialties in luxurious restaurants. Expensiveness of a restaurant depends on upscale location, impressive dishes and popular chefs. Frequenters of such places generally claim that they spent the money not for nothing.

The restaurant called “Masa” and located in Time Warner Center offers its customers to enjoy food as well as atmosphere. The clients will take part in a special food event with a variety of courses which lasts three hours. There is not a menu, customers sit and get some fresh meals. The vibes are restful there probably in order to soothe the shock after $350 per person bill exclusive of taxes and tips.


“Misoguigawa” in Kyoto invites people to taste French Japanese-biased cuisine. You will feel harmony of French spirit and Japanese culture. You will have to drop $162 for season menu for eight dishes. If you prefer more pompous version you will need to prepare $270 and order the meal in advance – not later than 5 days.


Walking in Bois de Boulogne in Paris you can come across a fashionable “Le Pre Catelan”. The prices begin with $85 for main courses and $43 for deserts. $255 is the price of a dinner of seven courses. In summer you need only $199 to enjoy five courses.

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Tokyo restaurant “Beige” belongs to a famous chef Alain Ducasse. This place represents French food cooked using Japanese ingredients. Special menu offers mushroom courses valued at $259. However you can oder a dinner of $147 three or $190 four courses. After dinner, you will be given a chocolate Chanel button for $25.


Famous TV-chef Gordon Ramsay owns high-prestige restaurants. His London place is three-Michelin-starred. Season menu includes some courses at the cost of $320 exclusive of 12.5% tips, which gives $355. Food in this restaurant is supposedly delicious but the rest of the month your diet would consist of noodles.


Three-Michelin-starred “Restaurant Crissier” can be found in Switzerland. Its chef Benoit Violier offers to try white catfish “saint-gilles-croix-de-vie” flavoured with lemongrass, summer fried mushrooms and red fruit soufflé. Complex dinner includes several courses; however, its price is $415.


Tokyo “Aragawa” can arrange only twenty-two guests. Outstanding position and limited number of seats make this place exclusive. The best meals made of kobe beef are served there. Only choice cattle fits the requirements for this dish. Cooking process comprises ten separate stages. Complex menu excluding of drinks costs $341 per person.


“Restaurant Le Meurice” is a chic Versailles-style place in Paris. You will appraise its cut-glass chandeliers, marble and bronze. At the cost of $524 you can enjoy three courses plus cheese and deserts. Price does not include drinks which can increase the number in your bill.


Exotic “Ithaa Undersea Restaurant” is situated five meters below the Indian Ocean surface. In this Maldive restaurant guests can enjoy 180° scenery of coral garden. Price of complex dinner of six courses starts with $320 per person without drinks. Children are allowed to attend lunch here but not the dinner. Official dress-code is required.


“Sublimotion” is located on Ibiza famous for its parties. The restaurant can accomodate only twelve guests. Thhis gastric- sensory dinner should evoke emotional experience. This experience can also include tears caused by a bill for $2000.


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