10 Most Beautiful Lakes on the Planet

Not a single photograph can render the beauty created by nature. One can estimate the glory of nature only with his or her own eyes. The most picturesque and unusual lakes placed in different corners of the planet, make up this list.

31,722m2 is the space of the deepest lake existing; lake Baikal, which age is suggested twenty five – thirty five mln. years. In spring water clarity amounts to forty m. The lake holds nineteen% of all fresh water reserves. No swimmer managed to cross Baikal. There are 22 islands on the lake.


Embosomed with eucalyptus forest lake Hillier is in a quiet corner of Australian land. Tourists can get to this mysterious place only by air. However it is a viewy lake – water has unusual pink color. Causes of such a unique phenomenon are still uncertain. Scientists deemed the color to be produced by microscopic plants but the examination confirmed falseness of that theory.


Crater lake lies in the vent of eruption in the United States. It is isolated from the outside world. Due to the fact that no river disgorges its waters into Crater, this water pond is found to be one of the cleanest. The attraction of this place is a huge log that has been swimming there for more than 100 years. It does not decay owing to the water features.


Five Flower Lake is one out of many water ponds situated in Chinese park Jiuzhaigou. Every day many tourists come there to admire a picturesque work of nature. Due to the depth of only five meters one can see trees growing on the bottom. The branches ornately interweave with each other.

Five Flower Lake

South American General Carrera Lake lies on the line between 2 countries; they are Chile and Argentina. Various color shades can be seen in the water. The sky is not so blue as blueness of the lake. Majestic marble caves can be seen in the center of the pool .

General Carrera

Italian lake Resia is an artificial water pool. It was created during dike construction when the local government decided to flood some villages. All those settlements are covered with water; only bell tower rises above the lake. As per the legend people still hear tolling the night despite the fact that many years ago the bells were dismantled.


Laguna Colorada is a shallow lake located in the south part of Bolivia. Water color can change from blood red to purple. Such variability depends on temperature and light conditions. The lake has such an unusual color due to the plants producing carotin. Thousands of flamingos habit the place.

Laguna Colorada

Gippsland lakes glowing in the dark lie in Australia. The source of blue fluorescent color is noctiluca weed that has bio-luminescence ability. Clustering in the upper layer they produce glowing which is similar to the glowing in the ocean’s depths.


There are three curious crater lakes in Indonesia. The water in these lakes has different color which can change. It depends the minerals dissoluting in water. Black lake becomes red, then turquoise, then green. Local tribes have a legend that dead souls inhabit the lakes. So the red lake becomes abri for sinners and murderers’ spirits, the righteous ghosts and the old habit the lake of turquoise color while the young find sanctuary in the green waters.

crater lakes indonesia

Canada is the land of amazing and picturesque lakes. One of them is named spotted lake or Ktlil’x. It looks like a scenery of the other planet. The water is unique due to the minerals concentrated in it. Ktlil’x keeps the largest quantity (comparing to all lakes) of MgSO4, calci and sodium sulfate.


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