10 Facts about Pizza

1. Australian big pizza is behind the American medium one in its size – 28cm vs 30cm.

2. NASA is developing a 3D printer to make pizza for spacemen.

3. 350 slices of this baked happiness are sold every minute in the US.

4. Lady Gaga spared no expense ($1000) to buy pizza for the fans queueing up for her concert.

5. There exist DVD-disks looking and smelling like this divine food.

6. Canada called Hawaiian pizza into existence.

7. Cambodian restaurants offer their customers a pizza called the happy one flavoured with marihuana.

8. US nationals consider October to be a pizza month.

9. To burn calories left in your body by 3 slices you need to have sex for three hours.

10. One third of all ordered pizzas contains pepperoni.

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