10 Facts about Fitness

  1. Fitness being a complex of muscle-strengthening exercises originated in the USA in the 1970s.
  2. Dumb-bells represent the oldest discipline that ever was in fitness. Ancient Greece sportsmen applied them during exercises.
  3. Training efficiency will increase by fifteen per cent if the exerciser listens to music.
  4. Quantity of fit clubs members whose age is fifty-five and more, increased by twenty-three per cent in the US during the last ten years.
  5. Heraclean caves with primitive rock training equipment are considered to be a prorotype of modern fit clubs.
  6. 112000km is the distance which you will have passed by reaching old age.
  7. 15-20min of yoga done prior to sleep, will make the dreams color.
  8. In a couple if one of the partners is passive and avoid sports, there is a great chance that the other partner will become the same.
  9. The best time for exercises does not exist. The best time is when you do exercises with pleasure and good performance.
  10. Your body could lift 22670kg if all muscles worked together.
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