10 Facts about Coffee

1. As per the legend Ethiopian cattleman discovered this plant by chance. The man saw that his goats became frisky and active after chewing unknown berries.

2. Primarily, residents of the African tribes ate beans mixed with fat.

3. The trees on which coffee grows can reach 9m height without culturing.

4. Voltaire, who was a great French philosopher, poured in himself fifty cups of this drink a day.

5. While one hundred cups of this drink is considered a lethal dose.

6. More than 500bln cups are drunk every year. Half is swallowed during breakfast.

7. Milk became such a popular addition in seventeenth cent. under prescription of a French doctor.

8. The IOC banned coffee together with steroids and cocaine.

9. –°ontrary to wide-spread belief it does not cure hangover.

10. Light roasting shows that the drink contains more caffeine.

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