10 Facts about Aircrafts

  1. About 25,000 of flights are performed every day, which means 10mln flights per year.
  2. Jet aircraft velocity is of the same speed as tsunami.
  3. The 1st passenger-carrying flight rose in 1914 with four passengers on-board, and later the plane completed with onboard bathroom was created in 1919.
  4. For 20 years in a row, 200 people died because of aircrafts collision with birds.
  5. Statistically three people out of hundred are vulnerable to aerophobia.
  6. The possibility to die during the drive to the airport is stronger than to die during air accident. What is more, chances of being killed on the street are 3times higher than the risk to find yourself in a falling aircraft.
  7. Every day the very smallest one aircraft is exposed to lightning stroke. Planes have been equipped with lightning rods since 50-s.
  8. Captain’s powers are unlimited aboard. Captain can arrest you, give a ticket and even issue the last will of a dying person.
  9. After the flight, pillows and blankets are simply packed without cleaning.
  10. Pilots will never declare that something emergent took place until the case is absolutely unreversable.
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